QuietSeam® RF

Key Benefits

  • Conductive sealant designed to reduce transmission of Radio Frequency in RF mitigating enclosures

  • Used as part of the QuietRF® System along with QuietRock 530 RF and Quiet RF Shielding Tape in order to maintain metal to metal connectivity

  • Allows for fully grounded metal to metal connected room when QuietRock 530 RF is field modified for cutouts or dimensions needed

  • Does not bleed into gypsum board or other construction surfaces

Product Description : Conductive Compound to reduce radio frequency transmission

QuietSeam RF is a conductive sealing and bedding compound used to maintain metal to metal and grounded connectivity on field-modified QuietRock® 530RF panels. The conductive sealant is part of the QuietRF® system including QuietSeam RF, QuietRock 530RF sound reducing drywall and QuietRF Shielding Tape. Together they are used in the construction of high security environments such as Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and government offices for both radio frequency and acoustic frequency transmission mitigation.  QuietSeam RF is available in 1 gallon pails.

Product Dimensions

Unit Size Application Thickness Coverage Weight
1 Gallon Pail 3/8’’ bead 500 linear feet/gallon 14.1 lbs/gal

Technical Data

Installation QuietRF® Installations Instructions
Solids Content >91% by weight
Volume Shrinkage <18% by volume (82% volume solids)xtagstartzp>

Storage Temp 40° F - 240° F (Do Not Freeze)
Drying Time 20 minutes
Curing Time 72 hours