QuietRock® EZ-Snap®

Key Benefits

  • 5/8” sound-damped Type X gypsum panel

  • Patented EZ-SNAP® technology makes it easy to score and snap, install, and finish like any paper-faced gypsum panel

  • Achieves high sound attenuation and fire resistance in one panel using less space, material and labor than other acoustic alternatives

  • For residential and commercial applications where Quiet® is a priority

  • Highly reliable sound control that cannot be easily short circuited like resilient channel, even when fixtures are installed

  • Outperforms other sound attenuation methods, including multi-layered gypsum panels, resilient channel, and soundboard on many assemblies

Product Description : first high acoustic performing score and snap panel

5/8” QuietRock EZ-SNAP (ES) delivers high acoustic performance with improved workability to speed up installation time. Our patented EZ-SNAP technology allows installers to easily score and snap the panel because there is no paper or metal in the center of the panel.   QuietRock ES is the go-to sound control solution for residential, commercial and institutional construction throughout North America.  The panels are UL Certified per required testing for fire-resistance and surface burning characteristics. 

Product Dimensions

QuietRock® ES Type X QuietRock ES 5/8” 48" 8', 9', 10' Tapered 2.6 lbs/ft2

Technical Data


Core: Naturally occurring gypsum and proprietary additives, laminated with a proprietary sound damping viscoelastic polymer glue.

Paper: 100% recycled paper on front, back and long edges


ASTM C1396

Product Standards: ASTM C1766


QuietRock® EZ-SNAP Installation Instructions (ES & ES MR)

QuietRock® EZ-SNAP Installation Video

GA-216 Application and Finishing of Panel Products

GA-214 Recommended Levels of Board Finish

ASTM C840 Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board

Abuse Resistance

ASTM C1629

Surface Abrasion: Level 2

Soft Body: Level 1

Hard Body: Level 2

Surface Burn


Class A

Flame Spread 15

Smoke Developed 0

Fire Resistance and Sound Control

The PABCO® Sound Design Guide

Sound Assembly Tool

GA-600 Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual

Underwriters Laboratories - UL Product iQ® CKNX R7094 for the latest UL Design Numbers

Product Documents



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