Key Benefits

  • Viscoelastic polymer coating for metals and plastics that reduces noise and vibration with minimum weight, bulk, and cost

  • Ideal for most porous and nonporous metal surfaces - cars, studs, HVAC ducts, roofing, machinery, and appliances

  • Typical noise reduction of 6dB to 20dB

  • Tested in accordance with FMVSS302; burn resistance testing for materials used in occupant compartments of motor vehicles

  • Tested in accordance with ASTM E756 vibration testing

  • Environmentally friendly, <0.1g/L VOC

Product Description : acoustical coating for noise and vibration reduction

QuietCoat 118 is a viscoelastic polymer that reduces noise and vibration with minimum weight, bulk, and cost. QuietCoat® is engineered specifically for coating nonporous materials including stainless steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, and composite (reinforced plastic) materials. This environmentally friendly product is water soluble for easy clean up. QuietCoat is lab tested and meets industry flammability standards. Easily applied with any brush, roller, air gun, or airless sprayer, QuietCoat dries quickly, in under 20 minutes, and continues to cure over 14 days. Once cured, full sound damping results will be experienced.  

Product Dimensions

Unit Size Application Thickness Coverage Weight
1 Gallon Pail .02" per coat up to 3 layers, .06" total 40-80 ft2/gallon Wet-12.58 lbs/gal Dry-8.5 lbs/gal
5 Gallon Bucket

1Larger unit sizes may be available on a special-order basis. Consult with your local QuietRock® representative.

Technical Data

Installation QuietCoat® Application Instructions

ASTM D1475

Wet – 12.58 lbs/gallon
Dry – 8.5 lbs/ gallon

Solids Content >77% by weight


4,000 centipoise

Peak Loss Factor



Storage Temp 40° F - 100° F (Do Not Freeze)
Drying Time 20 minutes
Curing Time 72 hours
VOC Emissions Test

ASTM D2369

<0.1g/L VOC

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