• “Because its performance is greater, it helps with employee satisfaction and finding staff to install the drywall.”

    Julio Mendoza, Owner

    NGC Construction, Visalia, CA

  • Any area that requires an STC of 50 or above gets QuietRock on the walls.

    Aaron Plamondon, Estimator and Project Manager

    Sunco Drywall

  • "After completing our analysis, it was clear that QuietRock ES would be the best solution to achieve the required STC performance, at the lowest cost"

    Matthew Boersma

    Herrero Boldt Partners

  • “We found QuietRock to be a cost-effective part of our strategy—the perfect balance between material cost vs. the labor savings in installation.”

    Deanna Crossman, Owner

    The Mayton Inn

  • Let the games begin!