Project Showcase : The Eisley and The Eames

Revitalizing Communities
Transforming Blight into Bright with Secure and Luxurious Housing Solutions

Project Summary

Bringing much needed housing to the Swanston Estates neighborhood of Sacramento, The Eisley and The Eames are luxury rental apartment communities consisting of 736 units in 21 buildings on a 24-acre site. Each apartment complex includes a custom-built community center with co-work facilities, conference room, gathering space, full-function fitness facilities and a resort style swimming pool and spa.

“This development is intended to elevate a blighted neighborhood by providing new housing opportunities in a secure and luxurious environment,” says Nasr Mobin of Ark Architects, Inc., the architect for the project. “As with any design and development team, the primary aspiration is that the development is appreciated and utilized by the community in which it resides.”

The Details

The development is being constructed in two phases, each phase developed as a standalone apartment community–The Eisley on the north end and The Eames on the south end of the site. “The project is very deliberately site planned to interface well with the existing built environment while providing sheltered outdoor recreation and amenity spaces to the residents and their guests,” says Mobin. The development also includes the provision of a new primary roadway (Bartlett Ln) that provides a defined sense of entry to both phases allowing future residents easy access to leasing facilities.

The expansive development required five million square feet of drywall according to David Kamminga, Estimator for Advantage Drywall, the drywall contractor for the project. “We used PABCO GLASS Sheathing, MOLD CURB Plus and 5/8” FLAME CURB Type C and Type X.”

“We are 100% loyal to PABCO,” says Kamminga. “I learned early in my career that PABCO is the best drywall. All of our guys love it especially because of its consistency from stack to stack.”

Adding to the quality of the building materials, Kamminga was pleased to work with Brown Construction the GC on the project. “We are fortunate to have worked with Brown, the number one multifamily builder in the Sacramento area.”

The Results

Both Brown and Advantage are pleased with the results with the project running smoothly on time and on budget. “We are very happy. The schedule moved fast with little to no holdups,” said Kamminga.

“This project has been a lot of fun to build, and it is so rewarding to see families moving into The Eisley community and using it to its full potential,” says Nick Parker, Project Manager for Brown Construction.  “I cannot wait to witness the same on the second phase, The Eames, expected to be completed in late Summer/early Fall 2024.”

“The new apartment communities have been very successful in the initial revitalization of the neighborhood by bringing new families to the area,” said Mobin. “Careful attention to design and material selection were paid to both phases to assure a functional and quality development was provided.”