QuietSeal® Pro

Key Benefits

  • High performing, non-hardening acoustical sealant designed to optimize the performance of STC rated assemblies

  • Apply QuietSeal® Pro around perimeters of the walls to prevent noise leaks in the wall assembly

  • Stays soft for lasting, high acoustic performance

  • Environmentally friendly: water-based, low VOC and low odor

  • Provides a draft and cold smoke seal in addition to noise seal

  • Easy application and hassle free clean up

Product Description : acoustical sealant to optimize STC wall performance

QuietSeal Pro is a high performing, non-hardening acoustical sealant used to maintain optimum acoustic performance of wall assemblies. Apply QuietSeal® Pro around perimeters of the walls to prevent noise leaks in your assembly. The sealant will remain soft to prevent cracking and maintain lasting, high acoustic performance.  The sealant is easy to use and offers a hassle free clean up – just use soap and water. Choose QuietSeal® Pro for quick application, maximum performance, and reliable results.  For optimal acoustic performance, use the complete Quiet® Sound Damping System including QuietSeal Pro, QuietRock sound reducing drywall and QuietPutty acoustical putty.

Product Dimensions

Unit Size Application Thickness Coverage Weight
28oz tube 1/8’’ to 3/8’’ bead 88 linear feet at 1/4’’ bead 3 lbs/tube

Technical Data


QuietRock® EZ-SNAP Installation Instructions (ES & ES MR)
QuietRock® System Installation Instructions (510, 530, 545)
GA-216 Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products

GA-214 - Levels of Finish for Gypsum Panel Products

ASTM C840 Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board

Standard Specification for Latex Sealants


Grade -18°C


ASTM C1183 Method B

≥2.1 g/s Extrusion Rate

Volume Shrinkage

ASTM C1241 Type OP

≤30% volume shrinkage

Low Temperature Flexibility


Grade -18°C, no adhesion loss or cracking through to substrate after 500 hours

Recovery and Adhesion Loss


≥75% recovery and ≤25% total bond area loss


ASTM D2202

No slump observed

Stain Index

ASTM D2203

Maximum allowable stain index of 1

Surface Burn


Meets NFPA Class A Fire-Rating

Storage Temp 40° F - 100° F (Do Not Freeze)
VOC Emissions Test

ASTM D2369

<0.1g/L VOC

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