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SAFE TOGETHER. Because You Matter.

Construction Safety Week takes place May 6-10, 2024. It’s an opportunity for people, companies, and our entire industry to join together, celebrate and recommit to doing whatever it takes to send everyone home safely every day.

At PABCO Building Products we hold Safety as one of our key values by promoting and maintaining a culture of individual well-being.

Beliefs Behaviors
Contributes to organizational & personal success Put your safety & the safety of of those around you first
Boosts moral Follow all safety guidelines & rules
Requires individual & team accountability Focus on prevention
Support and & encourage healthy behavior

Safety Initiatives

PABCO’s Safety Program, SAFE TOGETHER. Because you matter., includes several main areas of focus:

  • PABCO Safety Team. Comprised of location and subsidiary staff members working together to uphold PABCO’s values and safety culture.
  • Safety Audits & Risk Assessments. Safety team assesses safety at each location and offers insights and recommendations based on unique perspectives.
  • Safety Training. Consistent training schedule created across company divisions. In-person training for location-specific content and online training for standard information.
  • Safety Saves. Captures both near misses and great catches. Near miss is an incident that occurred that did not involve an injury, illness or damage but had the potential to do so. Great catch is when an employee finds an issue that could have resulted in an incident but did not.
  • Safety Committees & Meetings. Locations have safety committees that hold regular meetings to review incidents, safety saves, policy changes, action items and other site-specific safety concerns. Creates a forum for discussion involving location departments that aid in increasing ownership of safety.

Safety Metrics

Safety metrics were developed to monitor location safety improvements and trends.

  • Internal Inspections. Locations conduct quarterly inspections involving various department to increase safety awareness.
  • Recordable Incident Rate. Important safety metric tracked to benchmark incident trends.
  • Incident Tracking. Incidents input include details that are analyzed for tracking and learning purposes.
  • Open Action Items. Tracked to measure efficient closure and offer support.
  • Safety Training Completion. Tracked to ensure courses are completed.

 Stronger and Safer Together

PABCO’s Safety Program aligns perfectly with ‘Stronger and Safer Together,’ a recurring theme throughout Construction Safety Week. It’s an opportunity for people, companies, and even competitors, to work together and celebrate the incredibly hard work by people in our industry who make safety the foundation of everything they do. In our industry, safety is not just a series of procedures and protocols, but a unified culture that empowers every person on the job site – from the craft professionals to project and business leaders – to recognize and act on any potential risk.