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Building Success: PDI Integrates Quality, Punctuality, 90 Years of Expertise into Every Project

Precision Drywall Interiors

Precision Drywall Interiors Inc. is a family-owned business that has experienced strong growth over the years, now employing 300 people. Maintaining strong relationships with clients and employees and providing quality work is key to the company’s success. Add that to over 90 years combined experience and the implementation of new technology to keep jobs on schedule, it’s not surprising that they have projects in the pipeline through the end of 2026.

Co-founder and owner Ruben Dutra has been in the commercial drywall business since 1995 and in 2011 decided to go on his own. Taking nothing in life for granted, Ruben credits his dad for providing the inspiration to work hard and move forward.

His dad, Joe Dutra, joined the PDI Inc. staff as Part Owner and Estimator in 2012. Notably, Ruben’s three cousins, Tony Dutra and Carlos Dutra serving as Senior Project Managers, and Edgar Brasil managing office and billing functions, are also partners in the business.

Invests in New Technology
One of the more unique aspects of PDI Inc’s business is the implementation of new technology to help speed up the construction process which will help construction schedules and provide better products. For example, they have the technology that precuts drywall, panelizes metal stud walls and soffits. “We try and stay ahead by implementing new technology,” says Ruben. “Our motto is to beat the schedule, not meet the schedule.”

PDI’s clients benefit from this technology and include multifamily, mixed use and commercial projects in the San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland areas. Their services include drywall installation and taping, and light gauge and structural steel framing. They also prefabricate load bearing structural walls for use in these projects.

Here are a few of PDI Inc’s recent projects.

  • San Pedro Square-Nine story mixed-use apartment complex, metal and wood framed building, Type I construction first 4 floors, Type III construction floors 5-9
  • Tasmin Apartments-Two towers with 700 apartments near the 49er’s stadium, Type I construction, all metal stud framing
  • San Rafael– Five Story Senior Living Apartments, characterized by panelized load-bearing metal stud walls, creating a robust and efficient construction system that speeds the process and maintains the quality.

PABCO Board Exclusively
PDI used 100% PABCO board on these projects and makes every effort to use PABCO exclusively. Ruben has been working with PABCO since the company began and even before that. Part of that is due to the proximity of the Newark plant making it convenient to get board when needed. The service PABCO provides is also a big part. “Our rep, Anthony Silveira, is amazing to deal with—how he presents himself on behalf of PABCO, his adaptability and proactive service,” says Ruben. “He keeps us ahead of the game.”

Speaking of looking ahead, Precision Drywall plans on expanding the business to include Los Angeles, Nevada, and Arizona within the next 2-5 years. “We’re passionate about what we do, says Ruben. “Our staff is a big part of our success.”